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My name is Ella and I’m from Northhamptonshire and I simply love to fuck. Well I love to fuck and I love being an exhibitionist British slut. I have juicy tits, brunette hair, creamy skin and a shaved U.K. pussy. This photo set features me getting out of my clothes (what else is new!) and showing my British slut fans how naughty I can be. Usually I do prefer getting fucked on camera but instead I am doing a hot solo British XXX photo shoot that shows people like you every tasty inch of my body except of course for my U.K. pussy.

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Bonnie Wood is one of those blonde British babes with big tits that is always horny and ready for action. Luckily for me she’s my current flame and I just can’t get enough of this saucy U.K. whore with big tits. I bought her this pink lingerie set for her and offered to take some sexy snaps of her modeling so that we could see if the folks at Filthy Britain will find them interesting.

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Ella is a British beauty in this ultra sexy non-nude photo shoot that showcases the racy and rock and roll badass side of the gorgeous U.K. born Ella. The hot brunette U.K. babe is playful in this gallery and her luscious pink nipples can be seen through her fishnet top. Wearing a slutty pair of rocker shorts, Ella is a hot U.K. slut that makes my cock point north as I picture what this sexy chick looks like when she sucks dick.

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